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COO, Nicole Yoo The true charm of Cinamon

Please introduce yourself!

Nice to meet you! I'm Nicole, overseeing business development at Cinamon. I was originally a founding member of VONVON, the parent company of Cinnamon. I've been with VONVON for 5 years, and it's been a little over 3 years since I started working at Cinamon. With the recent growth of the company, I have taken on the role of COO at Cinamon.”

When did you join Cinamon?

I joined VONVON in 2015, where I was responsible for expanding various overseas business ventures, including Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, the United States, and Germany. Subsequently, under the title of Product Owner (PO), I managed various social content services.
In 2019, I joined Cinamon to lead the expansion of the 'Maybe' app into English-speaking markets and handle overseas marketing. Starting with recruiting local writers in the United States and acquiring the rights to overseas novel IPs, I took on various business and operational responsibilities.
This year, when the CEO proposed the role of COO, the responsibilities of my current team at Maybe did not undergo significant changes. However, as CineV was still in the pre-product launch phase, there wasn't an immediate need for comprehensive operational oversight across the entire company. The CEO mentioned that this year involves fundraising and finding initial partners, indicating there's ample work for a COO.
Having worked at Cinamon for a long time and having a good understanding of the company's culture and business direction, the CEO believed I would be well-suited for this role. After working in this position for a few months, I've come to realize that there is indeed plenty of work to be done."

What do you think is the charm of Cinamon?

First and foremost, it's the people! I've truly made lifelong friends at Cinamon. Some I've been with for 7-8 years, and it feels like I've known them longer than my husband... But I quickly become close to new people as well. It's a place where there are truly great individuals, both in terms of capabilities and character. I feel happy to be part of a place where everyone is so positive and supportive (yes, I'm indeed an ENFP ^^). While at Cinamon, I find value in growing together with people. The working styles vary, and the career backgrounds are incredibly diverse. The fact that it's a company with inspiring challenges and solid support is the biggest charm that keeps me at Cinamon.
Secondly, autonomy?
Since joining Cinamon, I got married and had two children. I wonder if it would have been possible if it weren't for Cinamon. If you fulfill your responsibilities well and communicate effectively with your team, you have the freedom to use your working hours as you see fit. If only there were an on-site daycare center... I'm determined to make it happen.
Lastly, communication! Aside from the ability to freely share good ideas and opinions, I feel that Cinamon is a place where you can comfortably express what needs to be said. While gathering to find solutions for our respective missions, there are times when voices get louder, emotions run high, and meetings become lengthy. However, there is a culture that allows us to listen to what needs to be said through these processes and encourages not saying things that shouldn't be said.
If you ask if I've ever thought about changing jobs, well, not really . Still, there truly is no company like this for me. It's a place I genuinely love!