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CEO, Doosun Hong CEO's words about Cinamon

Please introduce yourself.

Hello, I'm Doosun Hong , the representative of Cinamon. I have been involved in game development for over 20 years, and with the establishment of Cinamon, I ventured into creating visual novels as games for the first time.
While developing the visual novel game "Maybe," I discovered a great charm in storytelling content. This led us to expand gradually from Maybe (2D) to CineV (3D), and currently, I am completely captivated by 3D storytelling content.
I hope that as you explore our project introduction, you too can feel the allure of video UGC.

What kind of company is Cinamon?

Cinamon, which translates to 'Scenario Monster,' covers everything related to storytelling. Currently, the company is focused on the 3D User-Generated Content (UGC) platform called CineV, where everyone can create diverse stories.
Cinamon boasts a team of experts with various backgrounds in game development and video production. The development of the 3D UGC platform CineV is ongoing, utilizing Unreal Engine 5. Given Unreal Engine's long-standing history in the gaming industry, Cinamon is leveraging the expertise of professionals from both the gaming and video production fields.
As Epic Games, the current provider of Unreal Engine services, consistently emphasizes, the distinction between these two fields becomes less significant in a real-time environment. Therefore, individuals with experience in either game or video production are crucial contributors to the 'CineV' project.
Looking ahead, Cinamon aims to open the doors to a new market, where the boundaries between live-action and 3D videos become indistinguishable. The day when one can directly experience the content they've seen is not far off, and Cinnamon is poised to lead in this evolving landscape.
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What are your thoughts on the growth potential of Cinamon?

"Can't anyone create movies and dramas like webtoons?" "If that's possible, we could see a variety of creative and entertaining works..."
We believe there are many answers to this question. Video production, such as dramas and movies, remains an area limited to a few. Even if one wants to use 3D without direct shooting, the barriers of tools and technologies to learn are still very high.
We aim to significantly lower these barriers through the CineV UGC tool. And, just as UGC dominated the market for webtoons/web novels, we anticipate replicating this trend in the realm of video UGC.
Additionally, what we consider most crucial for business is the size of the market. The video market is much larger than the gaming/webtoon/web novel industries. Occupying only 0.1% of the market would still represent a substantial market share, and the potential of this market is limitless.
The era of video, like the trends of YouTube/TikTok, is unstoppable. We believe the current trend of this era, with numerous creators emerging, is also unstoppable.
Therefore, we believe that a video UGC tool like CineV is necessary and will become a widely used tool by many users.

How do you feel about the current spread of the startup recession? Does Cinamon believe it is a company that can survive the startup winter?”

"As a startup, we can never afford to let our guard down. We are aggressively investing in the 3D UGC platform space with the ambition of becoming the leader, which also brings about concerns.
However, with our aggressive approach comes the belief that we have ample potential for rapid growth. This potential has been recognized, leading us to secure 14 billion won in funding already this year.
Moreover, we are not navigating this challenging path alone. As a subsidiary of Naver, we receive support from various investors such as Naver Jet, Webtoon, Snow, Krafton, Altos Ventures, and more. We have plans for collaborative projects with these partners, providing us with assistance and opportunities."

“ Any words you'd like to share with those who support Cinamon?”

I believe there aren't many businesses that can change the paradigm of an industry. We aim to change the paradigm of video production methods.
In the future, movies, dramas, and short videos will no longer be limited to a select few. We will lower the entry barriers, allowing anyone to create content, much like webtoons and web novels, and produce better content.
While this business may still be unfamiliar to some, if you enjoy games or have a passion for movies/dramas, you can truly enjoy the projects we're working on.
Many people currently contribute their passion to our projects, and we are always looking for great individuals to join us on this journey. If you're interested, please feel free to reach out anytime! "