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Introducing Cinamon

Cinamon is dedicated to storytelling, and pushing the storytelling environment a step further into the future. We are currently developing CineV, a 3D Animation UGC(User-Generated Content) platform,' where anyone can easily create and showcase high-quality 3D animated content to the world. Anyone can bring their stories to life, with CineV.

Our Projects

Cinamon is a subsidiary of South Korean Internet conglomerate ‘Naver’. We started in 2017 with ‘Maybe’ - an interactive storytelling app. Now, we are developing a 3D animation UGC platform called CineV. CineV utilizes Unreal Engine 5 and AI technology to provide a content creation tool and platform where individuals can create high quality 3D animations. With CineV, the whole production process is condensed into a one-person studio.
To date, we have secured a total of 20 billion KRW in investments from global content companies such as Naver Webtoon, Naver Z, Krafton, as well as VCs like Altos Ventures and Company K Partners. We appreciate the interest and support of those who want to explore new markets with Cinamon.
CineV Real-time 3D animated UGC platform based on Unreal Engine 5
The 'CineV' project began with the following questions:
"Is it possible for anyone to create movies and series as easily as webtoons?"
"If so, there could be a wider variety of creative and entertaining stories emerging..."
CINEV Product Trailer
'CineV' is a platform service that allows individual users to create movies and series using virtual humans. It is currently under development, with a targeted release in 2024.
Video content consumption has shifted drastically in the past few years. What used to be shown on broadcasting channels are now shown on OTT platforms like Netflix and Youtube, where viewers have the freedom to pick and choose their entertainment. On the other hand, the production process for video content has not changed significantly. Production still remains costly, time-consuming, and labor-intensive. Due to these reasons, only a handful of directors and screenwriters are given the opportunity each year to showcase their stories.
To approach this dilemma, we took a look into the publication industry — or rather, the webtoon and web novel market. In the past, the book market was equally exclusive. Only a selected few succeeded in publishing their books. However, with services like Naver Webtoon’s ‘Best Challenge’ that emerged, everyone who wants to publish their comics or write a novel now have the opportunity to showcase their work to the world.
Therefore, we initiated a project to change the production methods in the video industry. Our goal is to offer a service directly to individuals and enable everyone to produce high-quality videos. All productions are crafted in full 3D animation, and with advancements in technologies like Unreal Engine 5, we can now deliver real-time video quality that was once unimaginable. Cinamon is working diligently to realize this dream. Through the new platform 'CineV,' we strive to create a more diverse array of stories for the world.
Maybe An interactive story platform that allows users to create their desired characters and endings.
We have adapted Naver Webtoon IP such as "Remarried Empress," "Wish You Were One Day," "Doctor Frost," and "Lovely Today" into interactive games, expanding the breadth of content by offering different endings based on user choices from the original IP.
Currently available in three languages—Korean, Japanese, and English—the platform has released over 500 adaptations as well as original IP to date, achieving over 4.7 million app downloads worldwide.
Maybe Product Trailer
Content IP 3D Animated Film/Series Development & Production - Around 80 IPs in possession
Cinamon introduced stories in 2D graphic format through the app 'Maybe', and is now preparing 3D animated films and series to be presented in 'CineV' (3D animation production platform).
Our team consists of producers and writers with numerous years in industries including TV, film, game, and OTT platforms. The stories we develop are diverse, and cover a wide breadth of genres from science fiction to romance. We currently possess around 80 3D animated series and film IP (including short & long form), soon to be released to the world.
Our 3D animation IP brings all the advantages of different media together - such as the reality of live-action movies and the creative imagination of animated content. The IP can also be expanded into various media forms, including game, traditional film / TV series, and more.


<The Leaders’ Cinamon Story>

<What is it like working at Cinamon?>

"Cinamon provides an ideal work environment where you can immerse yourself, including flexible working hours and other benefits." <Management support / Sojin>
Cinamon strives for a horizontal working structure and rational problem-solving. You can be proactive and create an efficient workflow not only for yourself but for everyone. With features like flexible working hours and unlimited PTO, you have autonomy over when and how you choose to work. In this free environment, you can maximize work immersion and focus.
"At Cinamon, you can work autonomously and take initiative." <Concept Artist / Enssu>
I appreciate the autonomy to express my opinions and direction regarding the work. It's great to have the freedom to work in my desired approach. The freedom to inquire about the intentions of the task, as well as suggest alternative directions, contributes to the advancement of the final product. While there is a sense of responsibility that comes with having my opinions reflected, it motivates me to work diligently, considering it as something truly mine. I am actively engaged in the tasks, looking forward to each day being better than the last, and am curious about what tomorrow holds.
We expedite tasks swiftly through rational decision-making." <AI Research Engineer / Jihoon>
We have an environment where you can comfortably discuss difficulties in the ongoing task without hesitation. Thanks to this, we efficiently address challenges and learn from various perspectives. The high level of expertise among team members establishes a culture of working not in a hasty or overly comfortable manner but in the "right way," resulting in high-quality outcomes and significant personal development. I work with confidence that excellent results are undoubtedly achievable.


The way of working at Cinamon We operate based on autonomy, communication, and ownership, striving for the best performance and rewards.
We incorporate a flexible working system to foster better results and performance. Cinamon seeks a working style that allows individuals to best leverage their capabilities rather than adhering strictly to formalities. To achieve this, we continuously revise various systems.
We strive for fast and open comm. We utilize tools like Slack & Notion to communicate freely with team members, facilitating quick decision-making. For open communication, team members can use the nicknames they prefer, and they have autonomy in determining their own tasks.
Strive to find ways to make things work rather than focusing on reasons why they cannot. Proactive individuals who actively explore tasks, contemplate problem-solving, and foster their own growth have come together to lead Cinamon's development.
We create a happy life for our members through rewards based on performance. Cinamon embodies the value of 'performance = reward.' We are working hard to ensure that every member of the Cinamon team can become successful. Join Cinamon's race to success!
The working environment We are making efforts to provide an optimal working environment to facilitate deep engagement in tasks.
Working space Experience full work engagement at Cinamon, located in a convenient transportation hub (Exit 5 of Gangnam Station), with clean and pleasant office spaces!
In-house "Motion Capture Studio" You can freely utilize Cinamon's in-house "Motion Capture Studio" to maximize work efficiency.
Lying-down meeting room We operate meeting spaces where you can relax while working. Feel free to use our "lying-down meeting room," a space where you can either have meetings while lying down or take a short nap.
Unlimited PTO policy We have implemented a pre-use system for annual PTO, allowing employees to freely use their annual leave beyond the legally designated PTO without any salary deductions. This provides flexibility for employees to use their annual leave as needed.
Lunch allowance support We provide a meal card with a daily allowance of 20,000 won, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of exploring various dining options in Gangnam every day.
Cinamon snack bar No need to visit convenience stores with our snack offerings! Recharge your energy with our Cinamon snack bar for a satisfying morning or 4 PM snack.
Provision of latest equipment We provide the latest equipment necessary for development to achieve the best performance.
Other Benefits Cinamon plans to continually add various welfare benefits to enhance the engagement and happiness of its members.
Providing holiday (Seollal/Chuseok) gifts We provide gifts for a warm holiday season spent with family.
Payment for congratulatory or condolence events Cinamon supports its members by providing financial assistance for important moments to celebrate and offer condolences.
Support for annual comprehensive health check-ups Cinamon conducts support for precision health check-ups (worth approximately 1 million KRW) to care for the health of its members.
Support for conference attendance We provide support for attending conferences to stay informed about trends.
Work-related training and career support If there are any on/offline training programs necessary for your work, feel free to apply! Cinamon actively supports career growth.
Operation of an in-house library and support for book purchases If there are books related to work or any books you'd like to read, Cinamon will purchase them for you.

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